Multiple water

Water is the material cause of all things

THALES, 6th century BC

It’s the water that leads nature

Leonardo da VINCI


Inspiring water
Observe, marvel and welcome poetry from the real. Water then resonates in us with all its vibrations.

Ocean at heart ; ocean we need ; ocean our primordial source, ocean the heart of our lives.


Water in the air
Everywhere, even in the air. Water creates paintings in the sky and invites us to wonderful imaginary journeys.

Water, precious resource
Without water, we are nothing. A drop of water is powerful. Taking care of water is a much more powerful act.




Multiple water, between art and science.

Water, again and again, forever indispensable. From the molecule to the ocean, through the clouds and small streams, from the deepest of our cells to the traveling drops, H2O our companion for life continues to puzzle us. Water amazes me as a photographer and questions my curiosity as a scientist. Art and science open a dialogue in which respect for our environment, education in beauty and the mysteries of what is, participate in it.
I paint with the eyes, my studio of art is vast, it is everywhere outside. I transform and organize the elements by always considering the photo from the angle of the detail and from a visible beyond the visible one.
Each image reveals its local potential, its tiny strength revealing an infinity that is hardly perceptible at first; a visual poem unfolds, an aesthetic thought emerges. Each photograph close to the mystery, honors our capacity for wonderment, unearths the sublime in the interstices of the real.
I immerse myself in this vibrant water, approach as closely as possible and restore in each of my photos the particular resonance of this experience. To be constantly awake, to reach a sharpened state where the elusive and the dream merge to welcome the murmur of a water. My eyes receive a part of beauty, an offering that I have no other choice but to share.
What is interesting is the position of the spectator in relation to reality; it is the look that changes reality. This is what quantum physics reveals, there is no stability in the gaze. The photography allows an enhancement of the reality and offers an extension of which the sensible and cerebral pleasure is by no means excluded. The living dwells there and defies the inert; a new meaning circulates there, proposes a poetics of the inexhaustible and incites to a renewal of what we knew. In spite of the silence that it demands to be fulfilled, photography speaks to us, and we listen to it. Like a harmony captured by the look. It is then transformed into evidence that secretes its mysteries, its useful silences. The invisible is at work in the visible.
The water oscillates, the light vibrates and both of them work together to develop a new and recognizable phrasing. An invitation to a happy meditation, to a reconciliation of the human being with himself since Nature is in him. The real is a nourishing matrix to our imagination. And from there, there arises an aesthetic intention that aims at a timelessness. The timeless then sneaks between the needles of the watch. To seize the ephemeral and extract something that remains. It is the grace of a meditation of the present moment when the dream ramifies the reason and accentuates the emotion. As if to reaffirm the presence of a secret that is not behind appearances but mysteriously linked to them. Through this motionless journey, we seal something to enter the great universal rhythm. The pulsation of the world fills us with a sacred impulse to the heart. Doubtlessly a vital breath.

Water becomes light, small humble work of a little alchemist that I am where the transmutation of the water element euphorises the voluptuousness, confers a brightness that invites us to fullness. Creation comes from further than itself by offering a link with the
universe and dazzles in depth. Soft alchemy that provides poetry to the real; then rises a hint of eternity, an evidence without fixed truth, perhaps even the breath of childhood.
Contemplating, marveling is a way of perceiving the world while awakening to other realities.
It is less a question of modifying the reality than of re-enchanting it. Our Nature provides us with an additional desire to know how to welcome and read the beauty. There are wonders all around us, softness, and radiance also.
The wonder gives an elusive and eminently alive dimension of the world.
The eulogy of the magic of nearly nothing opens a door to education, amplifies the importance of the role that emotion plays in knowledge; reason and feel. Art and science have to combine their points of view. To see differently, to adopt other perspectives, to titillate, to sharpen curiosity and therefore envy. The enthusiasm roused by noticing slowly or in a flash that it is not the unexpected that creates surprise but the fact that things are what they are. Imperceptibly, we pass from astonishment to wonder, that is, to thanksgiving for Life.
The nature of water carries its mysteries that science is gradually illuminating. It is sometimes difficult to espouse these new paradigms and yet the scientific spirit, the one that questions the “why?” and the “why not? » reveals the power of water. What if children would learn to question the world with both of these, and if their eyes become wider?
To see differently and to think differently by integrating various aspects of reality. Is it a question of framing photography celebrating water? Yes, and more. Going beyond the given horizon to discover that there is a multitude; just as water announces its colors, its matters and its stakes already present in an inexhaustible variety. We are dependent on it: water makes germinate, nourishes, washes, dissolves, soothes, constitutes us, makes us live. Protecting the environment, caring for and respecting water is a vital necessity. And protecting is an act that we do also with a beating heart. The more we love, the more our conscience opens its doors, the more the awareness of the beauty of living will guide us to protect our environment in better way.
Borrowing the words of François CHENG, between “the mind that reasons and the heart that resonates”, here is the multiple water.
Stéphanie REISS