Stéphanie Reiss is born in Poiters France.

She is an artist and scientist, living and working in Bordeaux France.

Her photographies emphasize how Nature is a precious resource, highlighting beauty of water. Her photographer work is exhibited in the International Sea Photographer Festival, Oceanographic Institute, Corderie Royale, Cap-Sciences, and belongs also to several private art collections.

Her artistic writings are published in several magazines and in the artist books of the painter Jean-Paul Agosti. She is the author of the book “The hands of wine”.
She is involved in biomimicry and currently in charge of environment protection (global warming).

Chemical engineer (INSA). Marketing and Innovation consultant. Lecturer in engineer universities (Ismans, Les Mines Nancy, ENSCPB). International manager for chemical industries.

Events and exhibitions maker – design, production, media management – : “Art and Science” events in Paris France –Palais de la découverte, Institut de France. Sponsored by Nobel Prize Pierre-Gilles de Gennes and the compositor Marcel Landowski; with the participation of Jean-Pierre Luminet, Jean-Paul Agosti, Jean Letourneur, Michel Cassé, Etienne Klein.