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The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.



Alive. We are in the world of life. This great Whole to which the human being belongs is source of mysteries, beauties and fragilities. Art and science unveil each one in their own way. Their dialogue is necessary just as much beauty is also necessary to our lives. The gaze on the living through the photographs of Stephanie Reiss, especially on the water, this fabulous source of life and vital function of the Earth, invites to listen to the language of nature. This writing of light tells us the need to remain curious, to take a step aside to see and question with a diferent manner. Our world is fragile and we must protect it because we depend on it. And how to protect if not by loving? The child’s enthusiasm for what he discovers from the world is an ability to deploy at any age. It is also the privilege of the scientist who questions, doubts, marvels, imagines. Just like the artist, like these photos of water that invite us to welcome a poetry of the real. Water is the primary element of our condition, of all lives. And what if a poetics of the real would allow to re-enchant our world, to consider nature no longer according to what we can take but what we can learn? Learning through curiosity, humility, wonder, emotion, enthusiasm.

To see differently is the subject of Stephanie Reiss who, in close connivance with the water, the matter, the plants, puts in light a visible beyond the visible. On the way, water, matter, light, energy dialogue together. To be in harmony with the living is a way of being in the world, and today is even more a necessity. This hymn to nature, to curiosity, to the joy of wonder and discovery, to beauty, to respect, to the mysteries of the living has for song that of life and of our humanity.